The Desperate Housewife of every man's Dream

Married but always looking ~wink~


I am a Amanda the original desperate housewife.

I did my time being the perfect wife to a ambitious CEO husband.

Desperate Housewife Amanda

Entertaining and fancy dinners to impress the higher ups and clients.

Though like they say behind every great man is an even greater woman.

I have been helping him for years, close his sales and get his promotions.


As any good woman knows it takes more than brains some times to get what you want. I have manipulated many a man with my hot body to get my hubby what he wants.
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My husband has always done a lot of traveling for his job and so I have had plenty of time on my hands.

I have always been the type of woman that loves to learn and teach whenever I can.

So I took classes on sensual massage and anything else that would help me in the bedroom and out.

I also learned a few new things from my sons and their friends.

I always knew there was another reason all those boys came over to play, it wasn't just our big pool and all the water toys we had.

I learned that teaching boys the fine art of sex and pleasing a woman makes you the coolest mom on the planet.

I still go and visit my boys from time to time so that they can brush up on their techniques. They have even shown me a couple of things here and there. Like how to enjoy having a nice hard throbbing young man pumping into my ass. Or how it can be lots of fun to have more then one cock at a time... One of my favorites

Oh yes, my sons and their friends have had some great fun.

Do you want to teach me a few things or maybe I can teach you some new tricks?


Snuggle in Baby

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