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Hello sweetie pies. Are you lonely tonight?

There's no need to be alone, when phone sex Mema is around.

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You've needed to share so many base and kinky ideas with someone, because those young things you've been dating, can't ever really understand, a man like you.

You need someone who is wise and understands a mature fellow like you, who lived a rich life filled with a plethora of sexual experiences, just like this old granny.

Remember back with me to a time when a Gentleman knew how to woo a woman, and treat her like a Lady before he even thought about slipping his hand up a stocking clad thigh.



It took some work and style to get into my panties when I was a young thing, and that really hasn't changed in all the years I've been fucking.

Pick up the phone sexy gent, and trip down memory lane with a horny old gal
who loves to get nasty, after the pleasantries are over.

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she will tell you when I will return or help you find a Sexy Lady guaranteed to please !

Rates are 2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Your time will be billed by your Mature Maiden. All information Mema asks you is solely for credit card verification. Ask about international rates & specials

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